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Boolean Algebra

Boolean algebra, with the logical operators "AND", "OR", etc., forms the basis of modern computers. Here you get to know the characteristics and key laws of the Boolean algebra with help of logic circuits. » more...


Flip-flops are "smart" electronic circuits. They control lifts, traffic lights and make sure computers never forget a number. Here you find out what makes them "smart", how to set up circuits and where they are used. » more...


An adder adds two binary numbers and forms a key element of any microprocessor. Here you find out how an adder is constructed, handles multi-digit numbers and is used optimally. » more...

Digital Comparator

The digital comparator compares two numbers. Without it microprocessors could not take decisions and it makes communication in a computer at all possible. Find out more here. » more...

Not yet enough of the Boolean Logic?

You still have questions? Or maybe you want to browse a bit? Here you find some unsorted experiments on the subject...

If you want to set up experiments from the section "Know more", you need additional components...

1 Pushbutton Switches
1 Resistor 1 MΩ (brown, black, green), 1/4W
1 C-MOS IC4072 DIP (2 OR gates with 4 inputs)
1 C-MOS IC4073 DIP (3 AND gates with 3 inputs)
1 C-MOS IC4075 DIP (3 OR gates with 3 inputs)
1 C-MOS IC4082 DIP (2 AND gates with 4 inputs)

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