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Electronics Lab
You want to start with the experiments? Take first some time for your lab equipment. What you need and other important information can be found here.
Basic Electronics
Discover the basics of electronics and the essential electronic components. They are explained and illustrated with the help of many experiments.
Semiconductor Devices
A whole series of new electronic devices developed after the discovery of the semiconductor. Learn here the properties of these devices, their applications and possibilities.
The optoelectronics deals with the transmission of signals using light. Through a variety of applications the optoelectronics has become an integral part of daily life.
Basic Circuits
Modern electronic applications consist mostly of a combination of many, smaller electronic circuits. These circuits are used again and again and are referred to as basic circuits. Here you get to know the most important and wide spread basic circuits and where they are used in applications.
Integrated Circuits
A variety of complex analog integrated circuits are commercially available. Here the most common integrated circuits and applications are discussed.
Digital Electronics
The digital electronics is the basis for many modern applications such as computers, internet, robots and more. Experience the basics of digital electronics. Here you'll find many experiments in serveral topics.

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