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Basic Circuits

Transistor Basic Circuits

Transistors are extremely versatile. To understand this well, you need to study three basic circuits: the common emitter, common collector and the common base circuit. Here you get to know them in detail. » more...

Transistor Logic

When working with logic gates, you would generally use integrated circuits. But inside the integrated circuits there are basically transistor circuits at work. Find out how here. » more...

Schmitt Trigger

The Schmitt Trigger circuit is used in diverse applications, such as furnaces, oscillators or computers. Find out how to set up a Schmitt Trigger circuit and why it is used in so many applications. » more...

Darlington Pair

In some cases, the gain of a single transistor is not sufficient to amplify a signal. In that case, you can create a circuit of two transistors, the so-called Darlington pair. » more...


Multivibrators are frequently used in electronic circuits. You can find them in many different versions as blinkers, signal delay and in digital electronics. Find out everything worth knowing here. » more...

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