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C-MOS IC 4093 and 4098

C-MOS 4093

Put the IC with the deepening on the left side in front of you. You recognise the IC 4093 14 pins. From the diagram you see that the power supply it is via pin 7 (0V) and pin 14 (+9 V).

Pin Assignments C-MOS 4093.

C-MOS 4098

Pin assignment 4098.

Functional diagram of a monostable multivibrator on the C-MOS 4098.

The power supply of the C-MOS 4098 it is via pin 7 (0V) and pin 14 (+9 V).

In the image below, an IC's power supply is realized on the breadboard.

Power supply circuit for a C-MOS IC. (Enlarge)



For all experiments, the power supply is identical. The terminals of the battery and the dark red jumpers remain with all experiments, even if they are not shown in the circuits.
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