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Let's go...

Based on this discovery, the English researchers W.H. Eccles and F.W. Jordan developed a tube circuit with feedback, which became known as the "Eccles-Jordan circuit". Today, this circuit is known as a bistable multivibrator or flip-flop and forms the basis for numerous applications in digital electronics.

Meanwhile, the tubes circuits have been replaced by transistor and integrated circuits. This resulted in a number of new practical applications.

In this first part you get to know in ten experiments multivibrators as transistor circuits. You examine the various multivibrators and their characteristics.

The second part (Go on...) describes an additional ten experiments. In these you build multivibrators with various integrated circuits and get to know some practical applications.

In the third part (Know more...) you get to know in another ten experiments more facts worth knowing about multivibrators.

Let's go...and have fun...
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