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Let's go...

First, the Schmitt trigger circuit was applied in control circuits and used as oscillators. With the rise of the digital and communications technology, the Schmitt trigger again won tremendous importance as the Schmitt trigger is able to convert analog and blurred signals into digital signals.

If you look up the term "Schmitt-Trigger Circuit" in a book or Wikipedia, you get an answer that goes something like this: "A Schmitt trigger circuit is a comparator circuit comprising a positive feedback, so that the switch-on and switch-off threshold do not coincide." If you have never worked with Schmitt trigger circuits, you did not become wiser by the response...

In this first part you will see how the Schmitt trigger circuit is constructed and how it functions. For this purpose you built in 12 experiments Schmitt trigger circuits with bipolar transistors, comparators and integrated circuits.

In the second part (Go on...) you experience in other 8 experiments applications of the Schmitt trigger circuit in the analog electronics and digital technology.

Let's go...and have fun...