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Experiment 7 - The Non-Inverting Schmitt-Trigger

By replacing the resistor R3 by a resistance of R3 = 100 kΩ, you realize immediately that the hysteresis is less spread out. The switch-on and switch-off points are closer together than in the last experiment...

Circuit diagram non-inverting Schmitt trigger.


Circuit non-inverting Schmitt trigger. (Enlarge)

Via the resistor R3 you can set the width of the hysteresis. More on that later...

Non-Inverting Schmitt-Trigger

A Schmitt trigger, having the shown voltage profile, is referred to as a non-inverting Schmitt Trigger.


Voltage profile of a non-inverting Schmitt trigger.


In the next experiment, you build an inverting Schmitt trigger...
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