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Let's go...

Before the discovery of the transistor, much research had been done on amplifier circuits. This gave rise to the concept of the quadripole and for electron tubes, it resulted in three basic circuits: the common cathode, the common anode and the common grid circuit.

This concept was then applied to transistor circuits. By replacing the tubes with transistors, again this resulted in three basic circuits, named common emitter, common collector and common base circuit.

The various basic circuits have different electrical characteristics. In the various applications, you can therefore find back one of the three basic circuit.

In this first part you get to know in 12 experiments, the three basic transistor circuits. You will learn about the concept of the quadripole and build the three basic circuits to learn about some of their characteristics.

The second part (Go on ...) describes in another 6 experiments some well known transistor circuits and how to recognize which basic circuits are used in them.

Let's go...and have fun...