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Experiment 1 - The Transistor Circuit

Consider the circuit shown...

Simple transistor circuit. (Enlarge)

The circuit has the typical behavior of a transistor circuit...

Circuit diagram of a simple transistor circuit.

  • If the push-button switch S1 is open, no voltage applies to the base and no current flows into the base. The transistor blocks and the LED1 remains dark.
  • If you press S1, a small voltage applies to the base, and a small current flows through the base into the transistor. The transistor is switches through and the LED1 lights up.

A small current into the base of the transistor has the result that a much larger current flows through the transistor from the collector to the emitter. The base current is amplified!

However, this is not the only way of how a transistor can amplify current, or also voltage...
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