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Experiment 12 - The Delay Circuit II

Exchange now the resistors R1 with the resistors of 47 kΩ and 22 kΩ. Not only the capacity of the capacitor, but also the resistor affects the delay.

Delay Circuit. (Enlarge)

Circuit diagram of a delay circuit.

If the resistance is higher and therefore the charging current smaller, it takes more time until the LED lights up. The higher the resistance and the larger the capacitor, the longer the delay.

This part of the circuit is also known as RC circuit.

You might also have noticed that the circuit works well only if the capacitor has been discharged in full. The circuit in fact also knows a switch-off delay.

RC Circuit

A RC circuit consists of a resistor (R) or capacitor (C).

RC circuits are also known as RC filter, high-pass filter or low-pass filter.

In the next experiment, you expand the circuit to get an application you know from everyday life...