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Experiment 1 - The NOT Gate

The truth table shows you the NOT-logic. The result at the output Q negates the input A...

  • If the input A = 0, the result is Q = 1.
  • If the input A = 1, the result is Q = 0.
0 1
1 0

Truth Table of the NOT logic.

NOT symbol in circuit diagrams.

A NOT circuit. (Enlarge)

With the circuit shown, you realize the NOT logic. You use the C-MOS IC 4069, which has six NOT gates. The circuit shown is therefore only one example, since you can use any of the six gates.

As a last step you connect the battery...

  • Since the switch is open (A = 0), the LED is lit (Q = 1).
  • If you press and close the switch (A = 1), the LED goes out (Q = 0).

This is the behavior you expect from a NOT gate.

You continue with gates with two inputs...

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