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What you need...

All you need.. (Enlarge)

From your electronics-lab you need...

2 Breadboards
1 9V Block Battery
1 Batteryclip 9V
1 Set of Jumpers

These electronic components you need...

All you need... (Enlarge)

4 Pushbutton Switches
1 LED 5mm
1 Resistor 470 Ω (yellow, purple, brown), 1/4W
1 Resistor 100 kΩ (brown, black, yellow), 1/4W
4 Resistors 1 MΩ (brown, black, green), 1/4W
1 Capacitor 1nF
1 Electrolytic Capacitor 10 μF, 16V
2 C-MOS IC4013 DIP (2 D-Flip-Flops)
2 C-MOS IC4027 DIP (2 JK-Flip-Flops)
1 C-MOS IC4069 DIP (6 NOT gates)
1 C-MOS IC4081 DIP (4 AND gates)

Helpful in setting up the experiments is a pair of tweezers. Often you have to move components or jumpers in confined spaces.