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Experiment 2 - The 2-bit Counter

Consider the circuit diagram. The output Q0 is connected via a NOT gate with the input Data IN of the second T flip-flops...

Circuit diagram of a 2-bit counter.

Illustration states of a 2-bit synchronous counter.

Each time you press the pushbutton switch S1, the 2-bit-counter counts from 0 to 3, before it falls back to 0. The result is displayed as a binary number by Q0 and Q1.

In the circuit you are using the already inverted output Q0'...

Circuit 2-bit counter with JK Flip-Flop. (Enlarge)

Circuit diagram of a 2-bit counter II

A 2-bit counter is also often referred to as modulo-4 or mod-4 counter...

In the next experiment, you build a 4-bit or mod-16 counter...