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Experiment 4 - The Mod-6 Counter

In a mod-6 counter you are using a 3-bit counter that actually has 8 states. However, when the counter reaches the seventh state (Q2 = 1, Q1 = 1, Q0 = 0), you force the counter to return to the state (Q2 = 0, Q1 = 0, Q0 = 0)...

For this you use an AND gate, whose output is connected with the RESET inputs of the flip-flops...

Circuit diagram mod-6 counter.

Illustration states of the Mod-6 binary counter.

With the circuit shown you realize easily that the counter now produces only 6 states...

Circuit mod-6 counter. (Enlarge)

You find a mod-6 counter in many applications where time is "counted".

In addition you find in many applications a mod-10 counter...