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Experiment 8 - The 8-bit Magnitude Comparator

To construct an 8-bit magnitude comparator, you need two C-MOS 4063, arranged in a cascade. The outputs X<Y, X=Y, X>Y of the first comparator IC1 constitute the inputs X<Y, X=Y, X>Y of the second comparator IC2...

Circuit diagram 8-bit magnitude comparator mit dem C-MOS 4063.

In addition, the C-MOS 4063 has three more inputs (X<Y, X=Y and X>Y ). These are the so-called "cascading inputs". In the case of a 4-bit magnitude comparator these inputs are not used and therefore are connected as follows...

  • X<Y = 0
  • X=Y = 1
  • X>Y = 0

With the circuit shown you set up a 8-bit magnitude comparator consisting of two C-MOS 4063...

Circuit 8-bit magnitude comparator with two C-MOS 4063. (Enlarge)

But not only two C-MOS 4063 can be set up in a cascade. The cascade can be extended in order to realize a 12-bit, 16-bit, etc. comparators...

Now you continue with some applications...

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