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Experiment 13 - Conversion of D Flip-Flops

Suppose, you only had one D flip-flop available.

1. The RS Flip-Flop

Circuit of a RS Flip-Flop built with a D Flip-Flop.

2. The JK Flip-Flop

Circuit of a JK Flip-Flop built with a D Flip-Flop.

3. The T Flip-Flop

Circuit of a T Flip-Flop built with a D Flip-Flop.

In fact, this conversion of a D flip-flop into other classes of flip-flop is not just an exercise on paper. In the development of integrated circuits and computer chips D type flip-flops are mainly used, which are then converted into the desired flips-flops using logic gates.

But enough about individual flip-flops ....
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