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C-MOS Logic Family 4000 Series

The C-MOS 4000 Series operates with a supply voltage of 3V to 15V. This makes them particularly interesting for your experiments, as you need no voltage regulation. The unregulated 9V voltage of a battery is good enough.

But how does the 4000 Series recognize the signals for a logic "0" or "1"? For this you must adhere to certain voltage ranges...

  • "0": Input voltage < 20% of the supply voltage.
  • "1": Input voltage > 80% of the supply voltage.

In the region between 20% and 80%, you can not predict the response of the circuit. This area you have to avoid at all times.

Here you find a description of all used components of the 4000 Series...

Voltage ranges of the CMOS 4000 Series.

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