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Pushbutton Switch

There are a variety of pushbutton switches. Not all pushbutton switch are suitable to be used on the breadboard. In the experiments pushbutton switch are used, which can be found under different names...

  • impulse switch
  • function key
  • input tact switch

Pushbutton switch. (Enlarge)

Circuit symbol pushbutton_switch.

Symbol Description Value
Type Pushbutton
Switch-type Closers
Switch position NO (Normally Open)

Technical specifications of a pushbutton switch.

You must also understood how to connect a push button on a breadboard...

Pushbutton switch on a breadboard. (Enlarge)

Connectors of a pushbutton switch.


  • NO switch
  • input digital signals

A detailed description of how you connect your device, you find in the topic "Digital Signal".

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