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Semiconductor Components Labeling

Pro Electron

The Pro-Electron standard is used by European manufacturers . It consists of two letters and number. The first letter indicates the material used...

1. Letter Material
A Germanium
B Silicon
C Gallium-Arsenide, Selenium

The second letter indicates the application area...

2. Letter Application Example
A Small Signal Diode BA121
C Small Signal Transistor BC 547, BC557
D Low Frequency Power Transistor
E Tunnel Diode
F High Frequency Small Signal Transistor (FET) BF 256
P Detector (Photodiode, Phototransistor) BPW 40
R Small Signal-DIAC, -TRIAC, -Thyristor BR 101
S Small Signal Transistor bipolar or MOSFET BS 250
T Power-DIAC, -TRIAC, -Thyristor BT 136
Z Zener Diode BZY 91

The label is followed by a number and/or letters. These are freely assigned by the manufacturer.


The JEDEC standard is used by American manufacturer. A JEDEC component starts with a prefix, followed by a number, which is freely assigned by the manufacturer...

Prefix Type Example
1N 2-Terminal Device (Diode) 1N4001
2N 3-Terminal Device (Transistor) 2N2222


The JIS standard is used by Japanese manufacturer. A JIS component starts with a prefix 2S.

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