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The Multimeter

A distinction is made between digital and analog multimeters...

By using multimeters you are able to select between several measured values and measurement ranges. For this you use, for most multimeters, a rotary switch...

Circuit symbol ammeter.

Circuit symbol voltmeter.

Circuit symbol ohmmeter.

  • An ammeter measures the electric current in Ampere [A] and displays a positive reading when the current flows from the positive (+) to the negative (−) terminal.
  • A voltmeter measures the voltage in Volt [V] and displays a positive reading when the electric potential at the positive (+) terminal is higher than at the negative (−) terminal.
  • An ohmmeter measures the electric resistance in Ohm [Ω] and always shows a positive reading.

Multimeters are available in two types, analog and digital multimeter. With measuring cables do you connect them to the experiments...

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