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Power Supply of the Breadboard

In order to provide the breadboard with power, you use the rows on the left and on the right of the breadboard. They are connected along the entire row and marked by (+) and (-).

For the power supply you use, unless otherwise stated, a 9 volt block battery...


Battery und battery clip. (Enlarge)


Circuit Symbol Battery.


In the image, the power supply of the breadboard is implemented...

Circuit for power supply of a breadboard. (Enlarge)



For all experiments, unless otherwise stated, the power supply is identical. The terminals of the battery and the dark red jumpers remain with all experiments, even if they are not shown in the circuits.

There are some alternatives to provide power to your experiments...

Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable battery can be an alternative to the battery. Beside the rechargeable battery (typical NiMH battery) you need a battery charger.

Note: The fully charged NiMH battery has a voltage of 8.4 Volt!

Rechargeable NiMH battery with charger. (Enlarge)

Power Supply

You can also use mains power supplies. Some power supplies have a fixed, others a adjustable output voltage.

Adjustable power supply. (Enlarge)

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