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Troubleshooting 3 - Investigate the Functional Group

Visual Inspection

  • Are all components connected as shown in the circuit diagram?
  • Check solder joints for "cold" joints or short circuits.
  • Are components visibly damaged?

Power Supply

  • Is the polarity correct?
  • For batteries check the charge level, for Power Supply Units check the set voltage.
  • Are all integrated circuits connected to the power supply?

Signals at the Input and Output

In an additional step you examine whether the signals at the input and output of function group function as expected. Thereby it may be useful...

  • to remove wires temporarily,
  • to use test signals and
  • to remove individual components.

You repeat these steps for each functional group until you have narrowed down the group which containing the error.

Once you have found the faulty functional group, you search for the error within the group...

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