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Experiment 12 - The Non-Retriggerable Monoflop

Circuit diagram non-retriggerable monoflop.

Circuit non-retriggerable monoflop. (Enlarge)

Consider the circuit shown. You have replaced the resistor R2, and the circuit now has a switching time of about 5 sec, as you can easily calculate...

T = 1.1 × R2C1

   = 1.1 × 47,000 Ω × 0.0001 F = 5.2 sec

But what happens if you press the pushbutton switch again after about 4 sec?

Signals of the monoflop II.

Signals of the non-retriggerable monoflop.

Nothing...! You can not influence the switching time. The monoflop switches about 5 seconds after the first signal back to the ground state (OUT = LOW).

This behavior is known as non-retriggerable.

In many situations, this is the desired behavior of a circuit, but not always...