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Let's go...

Through mass production, the NE555 became readily available and an immediate success. It was flexible and could easily be deployed in the industrial production of electric circuits. With just a few external components flashing lights, signal delay and many other typical timer circuits can be reliably build.

With sales of hundreds of millions of units per year, the NE555 became a de facto standard for timer integrated circuits. Nowadays, the NE555 is no longer considered to be state of the art, with some more modern circuits available. But even today, the NE555 can still be found is in a large variety of applications.

In this first part you get to know the internal structure and function of the individual inputs and outputs of the NE555.

The second part (Go on...) describes the applications of the NE555 in another 10 experiments.

In the third part (Know more...) you learn how you calculate time intervals and how to derive the formulas.

Let's go...and have fun...
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