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Experiment 1 - Power Supply and the Internal Voltage Divider

You supply the timer NE555 through the Pin1 (GND) and Pin8 (Vcc) with power. In your experiment, you use a voltage of Vcc = 9 V.

Circuit diagram power supply for an NE555.

Internal circuit diagram of a NE555 with power supply

Between the two terminals of the power supply, there are three identical resistors which function as a voltage divider and provide the following voltages...

  • 2/3 Vcc = 6 V at the point A.
  • 1/3 Vcc = 3 V at the point B.

These voltages provide the reference voltages for the trigger and threshold input. You come back to these voltages in the experiments 4 and 5.

Circuit of the power supply of the NE555. (Enlarge)
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