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The Voltage Regulator 78xx

The last two digits indicate the voltage for which the voltage regulator is designed...

  • The 7805 regulates the output voltage to 5V,
  • The 7809 regulates to 9V, etc.

A voltage regulator 78xx. (Enlarge)

Circuit symbol voltage regulator 78xx.

The 78xx comes in a TO220 casing with three connectors...

Pin Symbol Description Value
1 Vin Input voltage Max. 35 V
2 GND Ground 0 V
3 Vout Output voltage 5 V (7805)
9 V (7809)

The standard 78xx has a maximum current of 1A, although there are variations...

  • The 78Lxx has a maximum current of 100mA,
  • The 78Mxx has a maximum current of 500mA.

In addition, the 78xx is protected against short circuit and overheating.

In the following experiments you use the standard 7805 and 7809...