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Experiment 5 -Increased Output Voltage with Diode

The voltage regulators 78xx are all working with a fixed output voltage. However, with a trick you can still coax them other voltages. For this you deceive the voltage regulator with a false zero potential.

For example with the diode 1N914, which has a forward voltage of VF = 0.7 V hat...

Circuit diagram voltage regulator with Vout = 5.7 Volt.

Circuit voltage regulator with Vout = 5.7 Volt. (Enlarge)

Now your voltage regulator 7805 has the output voltage Vout = 5.7 Volt.

Do you need smaller steps, you use Schottky diodes with a forward voltage ofVF = 0.2 V.

Larger steps can be achieved using Zener diodes...