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The Thyristor

In the experiments, therefore, you use two different thyristors which seem oversized, but generally are readily available.

Roughly speaking, thyristors come in two versions...

  • p-gate thyristor and
  • n-gate thyristor

This term is derived from the internal structure. In the course of the experiments you come back to this.

In addition, there exists a combination of a p- and n-gate thyristor.

Various thyristors for different applications. (Enlarge)

Circuit symbol p-gate thyristor.

Circuit symbol n-gate thyristor.

C 106 Thyristor

A C-106D thyristor and its connectors. (Enlarge)

The C-106 is a p-gate thyristor with connectors. The connectors are denominated cathode (C), anode (A) and gate (G). In the picture, the C 106 thyristor is shown with the assignment of the connectors.

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