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Experiment 3 - Thyristor OFF State

In the circuit shown you added an additional push switch S2, which short-circuits the thyristor.

Circuit with thyristor, ON and OFF switch. (Enlarge)

Circuit diagram with thyristor, ON and OFF switch.

If you press S2, the LED1 turns off and remains off even when you release the pushbutton switch again.

With the pushbutton switch S2 closed, the thyristor is short-circuited. Only a small current flows through the thyristor. This current is below the so-called holding current. Thereby, the thyristor becomes non-conducting and remains in this state.

The state of the switched-off thyristor is referred to as OFF state

However, this circuit has disadvantages. More on that later...

In the next experiment you look at different thyristors...

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