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Experiment 9 - Computation Rules of the Boolean Algebra

Priority Rule

The order of the logic operations is...

  • The NOT operator is executed before all other operators.
  • The AND operator is executed before the OR operator.

The formulas and logic diagram illustrate this...

$$\neg A \wedge B$$

$$A \wedge B \vee C$$

Logic diagram priority rule NOT operator.

Logic diagram priority rule AND operator.

Bracket Rule

In order to change the priority of the operator you use brackets. The operators enclosed by two brackets have priority...

$$\neg (A \wedge B)$$

$$A \wedge (B \vee C)$$

Logic diagram bracket rule NOT operator.

Logic diagram bracket rule AND operator.

Comparison Arithmetic - Boolean algebra

The priority rule also applies to the basic arithmetic operations, since the multiplication is executed before the addition.

With bracket you also change the priority ...