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The Load Resistor

A resistor consumes energy by converting it into heat. An electric heater and hairdryer work this way.

For the experiments you use an unusual resistor. You need a resistor, which...

  • has a low resistance (10 Ohm) and
  • can sustain a high current (900 mA).

The resistor must therefore be in a position to consume at least 8.1 watts of power without getting destroyed.

Resistors of different performance classes. (Enlarge)

Resistor symbol in circuit diagrams..


In all experiments, which are discussed in the further course, the resistor gets very hot ...

  • Do not touch the resistor during the experiments!
  • To avoid damage to the breadboard keep some distance between the resistor and the breadboard. (see picture)

Setup of load resistor on the breadboard. (Enlarge)