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What you need...

All you need... (Enlarge)

From your electronics-lab you need...

1 Breadboard
2 9V Block Batteries
2 Batterieclip 9V
2 1,5V AA Batteries
2 Battery Holder AA-Batteries
1 Multimeter
1 Pair of Test Leads
1 Pair of Clamp-Style Probe Tips
1 Set of Jumpers
1 Set of Solder Tips

These electronic components you need...

1 Resistor 10 Ω, 11 Watt

In the experiments you will drain the batteries. If you want to repeat the experiments, it is useful to use rechargeable batteries. In this case you need an additional charger.

If you want to set up experiments from the section "Know more", you need additional components...

1 Pushbutton Switches
2 Capacitors 1000 μF/ 16V