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Experiment 4 - The Load Circuit

Build the circuit shown. You connect to a load resistor to the battery. As a result, a current flows through the resistor and the resistor heats up.

Circuit with Load Resistor. (Enlarge)

Circuit diagram with load resistor.


In the experiments the load resistor gets very hot...

  • Do not touch the resistor during the experiments!
  • To avoid damage to the breadboard keep some distance between the resistor and the breadboard (see picture).

Setup of load resistor on the breadboard. (Enlarge)

With a multimeter you measure the current. By Ohm's law you can calculate the current that flows through the resistor...

I = U / R = 9 Volt / 10 Ω = 0.9 A

You can surely confirm, that the measured current is less than the current you would expect according to Ohm's law. You measure a current of 0.8 A.

Why is that? This becomes clear in the following experiments.