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Experiment 5 - The Ideal Battery

An ideal battery with 9 volt is characterized by the following properties...

  • It provides a perfect, constant voltage of 9 volts.
  • It has no electrical resistance (0 Ω).

With an ideal battery only the connected load determines how much current is flowing.

An ideal battery with a load RL.

An ideal 9V battery provides the perfect voltage to the point at which the battery is exhausted.

Consider again the last experiment. With an ideal battery, with a capacity of 500 mAh, you would measure the following levels...

  • At the load the entire voltage of 9 V is applied.
  • A current of 0.9 A flows.
  • After 33 minutes the voltage suddenly goes to 0 V and current ceases to flow. The battery is dead.

You realize that it does not correspond with reality. In the next experiments you get to know real batteries.