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Experiment 13 - Circuit with Transistor

Consider the circuit shown...

Circuit with transistor. (Enlarge)

Circuit diagram with transistor.

If the pushbutton switch S1 is open, the transistor is closed. If you close S1, a small current flows into the base and the transistor switches through.

The resistor R4 forms a loop with the transistor and the voltage across R4 is equal to the voltage across the transistor.

Knowing the behaviour of the transistor, ie its current-voltage characteristic, you can state for the Kirchhoff's laws...


You can analyze any circuit with Kirchhoff's laws, if you know the current-voltage (IV) characteristics of the components!


Kirchhoff's laws are essential for the development of integrated circuits containing millions of transistors. With the IV-characteristics of the components, the circuits are analyzed using Kirchhoff's laws before they are actually built.

But how do you analyze circuits with Kirchhoff's laws...?