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Experiment 2 - The Current in the Circuit

Measurement of the current I1. (Enlarge)

Measurement of the current I2. (Enlarge)

Measurement of the current I3. (Enlarge)

Build it on the circuit shown. You measure the current I at three different points in the circuit.

At all three points you measure a current which is identical...

I1 = I2 = I3

In an ideal situation you measure at all three points a current of...

I1 = I2 = I3 = 45 mA

Circuit diagram measurement of the currents in the circuit.


The measured values stated are ideal values. Your actually measured values certainly are different. The main reasons for this are...

  • Type of battery (alkaline, rechargeable battery...).
  • Battery charge status.
  • Deviation from the nominal value of the resistor.
  • Accuracy of your multimeter.

Hence, always use the values you measured yourself when comparing the results.

In the next experiment, you look at the voltages in your circuit...