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The Photovoltaic Components


Circuit symbol photodiode.

A description follows later...

Solar Cell

Solar cells are basically large area photodiode. They are available in different sizes and voltages.

A conventional solar cell is composed of a thin layer of n-doped silicium (about 1 μm) on a thicker p-doped silicium layer (about. 0.5 mm).

On the bottom, the silicon layers are mounted on a metal plate, which forms the positive terminal and gives the solar cell its mechanical stability. On the front, metal fingers are the negative contacts.

Circuit symbol solar cell.

Illustration structure solar cell. (Enlarge)

Some solar cells have attached wires, otherwise you have to solder it yourself...

Portrait of a solar cell. (Enlarge)

Portrait back solar cell with terminal. (Enlarge)

With a terminal block you can attach the solar cell easily on the breadboard...

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